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Bugalugs Pest Control

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Bugalugs Pest Control

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Canberra Pest Control Services

Pest control for your Canberra home or business

When it’s your job to protect others, you want a pest control company that makes it their first priority too.

Bugalugs Pest Control is a friendly family owned and operated business, servicing homes and businesses from Canberra to coast.

We provide:

  • Pest control for homes
  • Pest Control for businesses
  • Urgent treatments
  • Out of hours emergencies


Bugalugs Pest Control offers quality and affordable pest control services for homes across Canberra and surrounding regions…Learn more


When you run a business, you can’t afford to be invaded by pests. Bugalugs Pest control provide regular and thorough pest control treatments for Canberra businesses…Learn more

How we protect you

Bugalugs Pest Control is a friendly family owned and operated business, servicing homes and businesses from Canberra to coast.

We treat existing pest problems, or protect against impending invasions from spiders, termites, flies, mosquitos, ants, cockroaches and silverfish.

Our work comes with a 3 month warranty*, and you’re welcome to have us back when the seasons change, or we will automatically follow up after12 months so you can be confident knowing you are protected all year round.

And if the unthinkable should happen, such as European Wasps take up residence near your house, you can also call us for emergency and out of hours assistance.

A Plan That’s Right For You

At Bugalugs Pest Control, we know that no two homes or businesses are the same. We want to make sure you are protected all year round, and in a way that minimises disturbance to your family or your customers.

Ask us about our free personalised pest treatment plans. Together, we will determine the areas of the property or pests of concern, the frequency of treatments, and the treatment methods used.

This is particularly valuable if you are sensitive to pest control sprays and need a non-standard solution, are frequently dealing with pest infestations, or run a business that cannot afford to be overrun with creepy crawlies.

To discuss your free personalised treatment plan, simply contact us.


“John and Ben are both extremely knowledgeable and provide efficient and thorough services in keeping my house pest and rodent free. The team at Bugalugs are always a pleasure to deal with, I highly recommend!”
Sarah McNamara

“I first started using Bugalugs in my professional career 5 or so years ago and found their service so unique and professional that I started using them with my own home.

They are so conscious of your home and fur family that you wouldn’t even know they had been if it wasn’t for the appointment.

My fur family have never had any ill effects from the treatment and I cannot recommend this wonderful team highly enough.”

Jane Cottam-Manning

“Have used Bugalugs since they started and are always extremely happy with their service. Get two treatments every year to protect the house and visually witness the treatment working for many months each time. Cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Will Goodwin

“I highly recommend Bugalugs Pest Control. Their service is second to none, the whole team is super friendly and even when I’ve needed some support out of hours they have always been there.

I’ve used them for general household pest control and termite inspections and they’ve always done a fantastic job. Whenever they’ve been and done a treatment my house feels fresh, clean and safe.

Will continue to be a customer for years to come!”

Carly Summerell

Why Choose Us?

We are Canberrans. We live here and want only the best for Canberra and the region. 

Our business has developed successfully over the years because we are trusted and recommended by our valued customers. 

We continually grow in customer esteem and recommendations because of our:

    • Reliability
    • Competitive pricing
    • Guarantees and assurances
    • Qualifications and results

Bugalugs is fully insured with Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance

Our Environmentally Friendly sprays and applications are approved and recommended by Pest Control Authorities – ACT Government. 

Bugalugs is equally professional, expert and thorough in both the domestic and commercial arena. 

All work is fully guaranteed.


Keeping our valued customers, safe, protected and satisfied, are our primary goals. Our professional expertise ensures your home, commercial and strata properties are regularly protected. 

All areas within the ACT and region are serviced by Bugalugs Pest Control. Simply give us a call and we’ll be there to protect you from all the creepy crawlies that have invaded your property.

Seasonal Pest Control Advice


Despite what we may think, is not the time to forget about pest control. While there may seem to be no activity in this regard, winter is a time when rodents and termites occupy properties to seek warmth and shelter from the harsh outdoors. Bugalugs can assess your pest situation at any time.


Is the most prolific time for bugs and pests to breed and infiltrate your property. You will always see an increase in the numbers of wasps, fleas, ants, spiders, cockroaches, termites and rodents. Busy time for pests – excellent time for Bugalugs Pest Control to protect your property.


All the busy breeding that began in Spring, carries on unabated in Summer. Vigilance and attention to protection is recommended and required for a pest-free safe environment for your property. At this time, the arrival of the European wasp is also detected.


It’s almost safe to take a breath in Autumn – breeding of pests abates somewhat and the cooler temperatures seem to give us all a break. However, the determination of pests to maintain their grip on our properties means that cockroaches, termites, bed-bugs, rats and mice will continue to breed and want to infest our homes and businesses. Bugalugs will visit you whenever you need assistance in removing these germ-spreading vermin from your space.

Get protected now

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We offer all Seniors Card ACT holders a 10% discount.