Your friendly Canberra pest control company

When it’s your job to protect others, you want a pest control company that makes it their first priority too.

Creepy crawlies are not just an inconvenience or a source of terror for those who can’t stand the sight of them. They carry germs and disease and will fearlessly take over entire areas of your home or business without any regard for you, your customers, your kids, your pets, or your treasured belongings.

Rather than dealing with infestation, your safest approach is prevention.

At Bugalugs Pest Control, we believe that prevention is protection. Our customers love knowing they are protected all year round with our affordable pre-planned pest control visits.

Bugalugs Pest Control offers

  • Pest control for homes
  • Pest Control for businesses
  • Urgent treatments
  • Out of hours emergencies

If you are concerned about the smell or safety of chemical spray treatments, we can also discuss a range of options so you are comfortable with a pest control system that works for you.

Get protected now

To book a Bugalugs Pest Control specialist, or for a friendly obligation-free quote, please call John on 0428 425 847

We offer all Seniors Card ACT holders a 10% discount.